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It Was Easy

When I look back with the rose-tinted glasses of hindsight at my journey with LighterLife, I am sure of this: last time it was easy.

I didn’t allow anything to get in my way.  I was determined.

I’m sure those last two statements are true but the subject of this blog is the first part…

Was it actually easy?  The trouble of looking back at something at which you succeeded is, all of the struggle falls away to be replaced with memories of how well you did.  Yes, I did stick with it and keep to my journey but is that to say I never struggled?

I used to work at an office where a snack wagon would arrive with a merry tune every morning.  Pre-LighterLife, I loved that snack wagon.

For anyone who has done Total, you will know the first three/four days are probably the most difficult because you’re waiting for your body to kick into ketosis.  For someone like myself who was in the habit of immediately making sure I ate if I felt even slightly hungry, I know those first few days in the office would have been very difficult (especially as I decided to start on Monday!).  I also know lunchtime would have been hard too, with all the smells wafting from the kitchen but – and this is the important part – I stuck with the plan.

I could tell you so many things which contributed to my success on that occasion.  I could discuss how the stars aligned and everything came together perfectly to allow me to succeed but the hard truth is that the only difference between this journey and that one, is me.

I’ve written about the magic of mindset before and pondered how to access this magic in the future when not in the mood and, I think it comes down to commitment.

This applies to anything you’re starting or giving up.  If you are committed to your path, you will succeed because your brain really has no way of tempting you away from what you want.

At the times where I’ve really struggled to stay on the path I’ve chosen, it’s been because there’s a part of me which doesn’t really want to do it. I’m interested in it for sure but there’s something I want more: food.

If you’ve ever thought about what I’m sure is a long list of reasons for losing weight, have you also done one for keeping yourself overweight?  Try it now: “Reasons for staying overweight”.  It can help to put things in perspective if you’re struggling.

My list of reasons went from mundane to dramatic…  I watched a film with people in a car about to catch fire and wondered if the emergency services would be physically able to lift me out of it if I didn’t lose weight.  Mine became “do I want this biscuit more than I want to have my life saved?”.

When you’re very tempted to reach for something in the shop or cupboard which will sabotage your efforts, think about your list of reasons for losing weight and ask yourself, “do I want this biscuit more than [insert one of your reasons here]” or use the other list: “do I want [insert reason for staying overweight] more than [insert reason for wanting to lose weight]”.

Regardless of the weight you want to lose, there are things you deemed important enough to start you on this journey.

Commit to them, totally, and you will find your journey suddenly got easy again.


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