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Why go to Group?

How many of us have had a day off-plan and decided not to go to group?  I know I have in the past…

It may be just not wanting to face the scales or sometimes, not wanting to face the group itself.  Does it come from a place of feeling judged or is it more that on occasion, we judge ourselves too harshly?

When I look back at times I’ve avoided group in the past, it’s been because I didn’t want everyone to know I hadn’t had a perfect week.  I wanted to come in and feel good about the fact I had lost weight; not feel crappy because I’d failed.

A lot of us isolate ourselves “until we’re back on track”.

Even the straightest tracks have bends and curves

If you’re feeling this way, why do Mentors tell you it’s important to keep coming to group?

Precisely because of these feelings, crooked though they may be!

Our relationship to food can be complicated; it can have roots in childhood, it may be seen as a source of comfort or simply as something to do when we’re bored.  Whatever the reason you turn to food now, is likely the reason you might turn to food in the future when you’ve reached your goal.

Each group topic gives you the opportunity to untangle the web and figure out how to change those patterns in the future. 

Struggling on your journey can be very helpful, in a strange way.  When we look at any new skill we learn, it is through our mistakes that we learn the most.  We learn how to adjust, how to do better, what we’re looking out for etc.  Weight loss is the same in this sense; it is a skill.  The skill of maintaining a healthy relationship with food and maintaining our goal weight when we get there.

I know there are times where I’ve been at an Xpress meeting and one of our clients will say something about their own journey which resonates with me and changes how I see my own path to permanent weight loss.  Just as your story helps someone in the group and changes how they see their journey.

I think he’s got it!

The value of the Xpress group is it is your choice, your journey…  You don’t have to weigh in or share your thoughts on the week you’ve had if you don’t want to.  But whatever else you decide to do; stay.

Stay to the group and listen to what other people think about the topic.  Odds are, you are not alone on this journey, not alone in your struggle.

So before deciding to give group a miss; try to think back to why you decided to come to group in the first place.  A lot of us have tried to do this alone and realised we need some support.  What was your reason for coming through the door?


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