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During last weeks virtual group, we discussed comfort zones which, in an unprecedented time of uncertainty for the nation (and the world), was very interesting to think about.

We are all, in one way or another, being pushed out of our comfort zones whether it be the lack of stock in the shops or the national lockdown.  It’s a time of change and uncertainty.

This got me thinking about our emotional triggers around food.

Speaking for myself, I found I struggled most with not being able to buy what I wanted from the shop.  If you’ve followed my blog, you know I’m following the LighterLife programme, therefore, I don’t actually need anything but, despite this, I began to feel a low-level anxiety about it. And I’m not alone.

When some of the more popular fast food places announced they were closing, look at the queues which resulted.  Look at the traffic hold-ups as people rushed out to get their “last” meal from them.

How are you feeling about your diet right now?

It’s worth thinking about.

Maintaining mindfulness around your eating habits and any emotional triggers is what will help you in the long-term.

Sometimes we get too focussed on what we can’t do or may not be able to do.  I know this is true for a lot of us at the moment.  We think about how difficult it might be to continue our journey under these conditions; but…  Have you thought about how you might overcome whatever barrier you’re worried about?

Often the solutions are simple, if we want to find them.

If boredom is the worry – what can you do to keep yourself engaged and occupied?

If it’s stress – what coping mechanisms had you put in place for life’s stresses before this happened and can you use those tools to cope now?

Mindfully question yourself.  Is there a way around this?

Whatever emotional reaction you’ve had to the way things are at the moment, hopefully you know there is a massive amount of support from us available.

As I mentioned last week, we have ‘virtual groups’ set up on your normal day so you can still go through the Hot Topic and chat with the people you’ve shared your journey with in person.  Your Mentor is only a text or phone call away too.

As for LighterLife itself, if you’re on Facebook, there is a fantastic support group on there which has clients from all over the country, who are sharing their successes, worries or tips every day.

You are not alone, even in isolation.

Reach out to us if you’re struggling.  In our lifetime, there’s never been a period where focussing on our own health and wellbeing has been so important.  If you’ve done LighterLife for any length of time, you will already know it takes care of 100% of your daily nutritional needs.

Let’s work together and come out of isolation closer to our goals.

We’ve got this!


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