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What’s Your Value?

Have you ever stopped dieting because of an external factor?  Your job just got crazy stressful, or you’re suddenly ill, or perhaps a family situation has got you down…  Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it would be silly to try and juggle all of these things and a diet is just one more stress you could do without.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve made some variation of this decision.  Each time, it’s seemed like it makes perfect sense – so much sense in fact, that anyone I talk to about it is totally on board with my sound decision making!  It comes from a place of wanting to be kind to myself.

Why then, when it comes to ourselves, do we think giving up on something which will improve our quality of life, is kind or valuing ourselves?

Write a list of the reasons why losing weight is a good thing.

This list might include being able to play with your children/grandchildren, having more options in terms of clothing, perhaps you have a serious health condition which could be managed better or even reversed with weight loss.  That’s not forgetting the improvements to your self-esteem and confidence.  What does your life look like if you lose this weight?  How does it differ from what it is now?

Now write a list of the reasons to keep yourself overweight.

A love of food, fear of the unknown, the discomfort of breaking habits are ones which hold true for me.  How about you?

Whatever your reasons, I can almost guarantee the list of reasons to make this change are longer and easier to think of than the reasons to stay the same or gain.

So why do we choose it?

Being honest with yourself about the “why” will give you the chance to understand why you’re deciding to keep yourself where you are and this opens up the chance to make a different decision next time.

I’m having a very difficult time at the moment and this would ordinarily lead me to food: comfort, having one area of my life which isn’t a stress, something to look forward to, something I can control etc.

This time though, I considered how I have felt in the past when I’ve chosen to let the other areas of my life become more important than my journey to weight loss…

I don’t want to get to the end of this year and wish I’d stuck with what I’m doing now.

I don’t want to look back with bitterness on the change which “could have been”.

Every time I put this off in favour of the things which are difficult or challenging, I am older, I am usually a little heavier and, “finding the right mindset” takes longer and longer.

The disappointment in myself I will feel looking back at 2020 and realising I am no closer to my goals is not something I want to face, frankly.  I would much rather be looking back and realising that though I had challenges, set-backs, difficulties, stress etc, I did it.  I lost weight.  I look great, feel fantastic.  2021 is full of possibilities because I took 2020 one day at a time and challenged my crooked thinking as often as possible.

Pictured: 2021

So, what’s your motivation?  What’s going to help you realise you’ve got this?  How can you support yourself on this journey?

What’s your value to yourself?


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